Endorsement Procedures


      1. All candidates may forward a copy of their resume to each member of the Lafourche Parish Democratic Committee to be received
          preferably at least five (5) days prior to an Endorsement Meeting.

      2. Candidates should be prepared to answer each of the following questions before the Committee on the Specified date and time listed.

           a. What educational and real life experience can you bring to public office?

           b. What reasons do you give for wanting to serve in public office?

           c. What proposals do you have for this office in the upcoming year?

      3. Candidates should present in person at the listed time and date. If a candidate can not be present, he/she may designate someone to
          speak on his/her behalf, provided that the candidate submit a signed, written statement naming the person speaking on his/her
          behalf. If a candidate wished, he or she may submit a written statement outlining the answers to the three question listed above for
          the chairman or any member to read to the committee on his/her behalf provided the candidate specifies the member in writing.

      4. Candidates who do not appear before the committee or designate someone to speak on their behalf according to the procedures listed
          herein, are not eligible for endorsement. The submission of resumes alone does not guarantee eligibility for endorsement.

      5. The committee shall not make endorsements in the U.S. Senator or congress as such endorsement are reserved to the State Central
          Committee of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

      6. Candidates shall be allowed up to five (5) minutes to answer and speak on the three (3) questions. Remeber you are graded only on
          the answer of those there (3) questions. Each candidate shall appear at their respective time and location. Candidates who miss their
          appointed time shall not be considered for endorsement unless approved by the entire committee.

      7. All balloting shall be secret. No candidate may be present during balloting by the committee. The decision of the committee is final.

      8. The balloting shall be done on a per question basis with values ranging between zero (0) and four (4), similar to the grading scale
          used by the educational system. The one candidate with the highest score shall receive the endorsement of the Lafourche Parish
          Democratic Executive Committee.

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