6.7 Duties. The following shall be the duties of the officers of the Committee:

            a. The chair shall preside over all meetings of the Committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all subcommittees. The Chair
            shall vote only in the event of a tie at any Committee or Subcommittee meeting. The Chair shall sign all official documents and all
            financial transactions of the Committee. The Chair shall determine the items to be placed on the agenda of any Committee meeting.
            The Chair shall serve on the Lafourche Parish Board of Election Supervisors as specified in the Lafourche State Election Code.
            The Chair shall have the responsibility for the general overall operation of the Committee, subject to the limitations listed in these

            b. The First Vice Chair should be of the opposite sex of the Chair. She/he shall preside over any Committee meeting or function of
            the Committee in the absence of the Chair. She/he shall act for the Chair in her/his absence. She/he shall be eligible to sit in the
            Third Congressional District Caucus and run for a seat on the State Central Committee Executive Committee as specified in the
            Louisiana State Democratic Constitution and By-Laws only if she/he is of the opposite sex of the chair.

            c. The Second Vice Chair shall be of the opposite sex of the Chair and First Vice-Chair if both are of the same sex. In the event that
            this scenario exists, the Second Vice-Chair shall be eligible to sit on the Third Congressional District Caucus as outlined in 6.7b.             The Second Vice-Chair shall preside at all meetings and functions of the Committee in the absence of the Chair and First Vice Chair.

            d. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the recording of minutes and transactions of the Committee at all official
            meetings and functions of the Committee. She/he shall be responsible for the financial management of the Committee, including,
            but not limited to;

                1) Reconciling all bank statements.

                2) Maintenance of a general chart of accounts.

                3) Maintenance of a revenue and expenditure ledger.

                4) Production of a compiled financial statement due at the first meeting of each fiscal year of the Committee.

                5) Production and delivery of a quarterly financial statement of revenues and expenditures to the Committee at each of its
                     quarterly meetings.

                6) Sending all meeting notices.

                 She/he shall sign all checks in addition to the Chair of the Committee. She/he shall issue all notices of any official meeting or
                 function of the Committee, and shall preside at said metting or function in the absence of the Chair, First Vice Chair and Second
                 Vice Chair.

      7.1 Regular meetings may be held, if possible and as needed, during the last week in the months of March, June, September and
            December of each year. These quarterly meetings shall constitute regular meetings of the Committee. All regularly scheduled
            meetings of the Committee may be held at 6:00 p.m. or at a time agreed upon by the current Committee members.

      7.2 Special Meetings. Special Meetings may be called by the Chair at any time for any purpose. Special meetings may also be called by
            any five (5) members of the Committee.

      7.3 Notice. Notice of any meeting of the Committee shall be in written form and signed by the Chair or Secretary-Treasurer. In the
            event that a special meeting has been called by five or more members, all those members calling said meeting shall sign said notice.
            There shall be ten (10) days between the date of a U.S. Post Mark on the meeting notice and the meeting. Shorter notice may be
            given only upon ratification by a majority of those members under oath to serve on the Committee, with said ratification occuring
            at the called meeting on shorter notice.

      7.4 Location of Meetings. Meeting location shall be held on a revolving basis Between North, Central and South Lafourche at a facility
            designated by the Chair. No two meetings should be held consecutively in the same location, unless absolutely necessary. Meeting
            may be held outside of Lafourche Parish only upon ratification of said meeting by a majority of those members under oath to serve
            on the committee.

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