c. A member no longer meets the qualifications required to be a member as outlined in ARTICLE V Section 5.1a, 1b, or 1c.

                No action shall be required by the Committee in the event of a vacancy, except that of filling the vacancy as outlined in these by-
                laws. Vacancies shall be filled according to the following rules;

                a. Once a vacancy exist, the Chair shall notify all members of the Committee as soon as is possible, through the U.S. Postal
                    Service of the vacancy. The notice shall list the name of the member whose seat has been vacated, the District number, the date
                    the seat was vacated and the resignation letter of the member resigning, if one exist.

                b. At the next regular or special meeting, the Committee shall take up for discussion the issue of the vacancy and shall decide
                     whether or not to fill the vacancy. The Committee may decide not to fill the vacancy at that time.

                c. Once the Committee decides to fill a vacancy, it shall be filled by the recommendation of the Committee or if the Chair decides
                    it necessary, it may advertise the vacancy in the Daily Comet at least once. The advertisement shall be listed in the legal section
                    of the newspaper.

                d. The Committee may require a resume be submitted by any prospective applicant. The resume shall be sent to the official
                    address of the committee and shall be listed in any advertisement of the vacancy.

                e. The Chair may send a copy of all resumes received to all committee members upon receipt of said resumes.

                f. The Chair may place on the agenda of the next regular or special meeting, the selection and appointment of a replacement for
                    the vacant seat on the Committee. At said meeting, the committee may interview prospective applicants and may appoint, by
                    majority vote of the members present provided a quorum exist, a replacement for the open seat.

                g. The member so appointed shall pay a fee equal to the qualifying fees paid by other members at the time of the election. The
                    committee may waive said fees with a majority vote of those members present, provided a quorum exists, and only if the
                    request is made by the appointee in writing as a result of financial hardship. The fees shall be waived automatically in the
                    event that the appointee is able to secure signatures on a petition in sufficient number as is set out in the Louisiana Election
                    Code for qualifying candidates for the office sought.

                h. The appointee shall take her/his seat as a voting member only after the oath of office is administered.


      6.1 The Committee shall elect from amongst its membership a Chair, a First Vice Chair, a Second Vice Chair, and a Secretary-

      6.2 The election of said officers shall occur at the organizational meeting of the Committee as outlined in the Louisiana State
            Democratic Party Constitution And By-Laws. It shall be the first order of business on the agenda for said meeting. The existing
            Chair shall preside until the new Chair is elected, at which time the new Chair shall assume the office of Chair and shall preside
            over the election of all other officers in the order in which they are listed above in 6.1. A candidate receiving a majority of votes of
            the membership present shall be declared elected and shall immediately assume office. NO PROXY.

      6.3 Nominations for officers shall be made from the floor.

      6.4 All officers shall serve until her/his successor assumes office.

      6.5 All balloting for officers shall be in secret, except if nominated and seconded by acclamation.

      6.6 Vacancies in an office of the Committee shall be filled following the procedures outlined in this section.

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